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Property Management  

RealSampatti Your True Property Manager - Makes Managing Properties Simple.

The RealSampatti Property Management System (PMS), which has been developed with the goal of enabling businesses and individuals in managing a large number of real estate properties, and offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • Minimizing the use paper and manual tasks.
  • Real time accessibility to every information related to properties.
  • A single screen display all relevant property information like rental portfolio and tenant experience.
  • Allow easy follow-ups of all actions related to properties. 
realsampatti property management software

Key Capability of RealSampatti 

Key Capability of RealSampatti 

Check out the never seen functionality of Commercial Property Management Software.

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Seamless Integration With...


RealSampatti allows property managers to communicate directly with tenants, landlords, and other stakeholders via the popular messaging app.

This integration enables features such as automated notifications, tenant inquiries, and rent payment reminders. Property managers can also use the integration to easily share photos, videos, and other files related to a property.

With WhatsApp integration, property managers can streamline communication, improve tenant satisfaction, and save time and resources.

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Credimax Payment Acquirer

Credimax Payment Acquirer is a payment gateway that can be integrated with property management software to facilitate online payments for rent, maintenance fees, and other charges.

With this integration, tenants can make payments directly from their bank accounts or credit/debit cards, and the software can automatically update the payment records and generate receipts. This simplifies the payment process for both tenants and property managers, and reduces the risk of errors or delays in manual processing. 

Additionally, RealSampatti offers secure and reliable payment processing, ensuring that sensitive financial information is protected.

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One Software For Everything 

Experience Property on Cloud

RealSampatti's property software makes it incredibly simple to handle property and lease with all the regarding information like rent collection, contract renewal, maintenance, etc.

Due to cloud data storage, you won't run the risk of mishandling or losing of important landlord data and also take care of your property portfolio.

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Control Centrally In Real-Time

The tailored central property dashboard gives the clear insights and analytics for making real-time decisions.

In order to plan forward from your prior profit and loss report, get an overview of your property status and financial flows with comprehensive property reporting tools to do this.

You can also determine the tenant payment and automate invoice processing.

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end to end cloud property erp

Get job done easily from End-To-End...

The RealSampatti's end-to-end workflow process shines when it comes to dealing to needs ranging from leads to leasing or maintenance.

Seamlessly monitor the progress of every workflow transaction from one stop property solution. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly take a look at ongoing activities or running behind schedule with a smarter way.

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