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The real estate sector is growing rapidly, and property managers, brokers, and agents need tools that enable them to monitor their portfolio of properties effectively. RealSampatti is the solution to this problem.

Property management software is the modern and smart cloud ERP solution that addresses this need. A property management system (PMS) is a software package that streamlines and automates day-to-day tasks for property dealers and managers, whether managing real estate, construction property, properties units, tenants, or commercial leasing.

With RealSampatti, you can track and manage all your properties, units, and tenants from a single platform. You can automate rental management, including lease drafting, rent collection, and maintenance tracking.

property management erp

Types of Real Estate Managed by RealSampatti

Efficiently Manage Your Diverse Real Estate Portfolio with Comprehensive Cloud-Based ERP Solution.

Land property management




commercial property management system




retail property management



Unlock Your Property Business Potential With Robust Open Source RealSampatti.

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Who Can Use RealSampatti Software  

 The RealSampatti Property Software Solution (PMS) will help all the real estate professionals who deal with properties and real estate.

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AI-powered Dashboard 

RealSampatti's AI Dashboard offers a range of features that can help you manage your real estate business with ease.

It allows you to track property performance, monitor financial metrics, and generate detailed reports, all in one place.

With its intuitive design, you can easily navigate through the dashboard and access the information you need from anywhere and anytime. It help you to manage your real estate business with ease.

property Using A Manual Process

Late Fee Automation 

An automated late fee system, which helps property owners to assess and collect late fees from tenants who do not pay rent on time.

It eliminates the need for manual calculation and collection of late fees, saving property owners time and reducing the risk of errors.

Set own late fee policies and the system will automatically apply those policies to tenants who fail to pay rent on time. It ensures you receive the rent they are owed and that tenants are held accountable for paying on time.

Unlimited Listings

The ability to list unlimited properties, but it also provides advanced tools to manage those listings effectively.

You can add detailed information about each property, including descriptions, photos, and even virtual tours to give potential clients a better idea of what they are getting.

With a user-friendly interface and customizable templates, you can create professional-looking listings in no time.

property lisiting software

Effortless Communication 

A range of communication tools that will help you stay connected with tenants and stakeholders in the most convenient ways.

From automated emails and text messages to instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, you can communicate with your tenants quickly and easily.

You can also send mass communications, such as rent reminders, maintenance updates, or announcements about upcoming events, all from one.

Stay Updated With Property Technological Revolution

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Why It Is Best Real Estate Software Solution for Small & Mid Sized Businesses

type of real estate property

Seamlessly manage all types of properties.

Manage installment schedules for facilities/contracts.

odoo property listing

Image gallery to view all property listing.

property auto invoicing

Auto-generation of invoices for scheduling.

Scheduled automatic surcharge calculations.

property management video

Video player to showcase properties.

property images

Auto upload mass images.

property advance reporting

Advanced Reporting.

RealSampatti Property Modules

The following are the key primary modules for the Real Estate management system that will benefit in your business success.

property management software

Property Management

property tenanat management

Tenant Management

Property Document Management

Document Management

Customer Management

Account & Finance

Account & Finance

Maintenance Management

Property Leasing

Lease Tracking & Renewals

property Reports & Dashboard

Reports & Dashboard

Simplify Your Property Business With RealSampatti Software Your True Property Manager That Fulfill All.

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Features Of Time-Saving Property Management System To Meet All Needs.

property cloud erp implmentation

Reliable & secured end-to-end Cloud ERP software for real estate property 

property data storage and management

Centralized platform for data storage and management

Business processes optimization from manual tasks

propert rental management

Easily manage rental properties

property accounting software

Quickly & smoothly maintain account and invoice

property maintenance management

Easy maintenance and facility monitoring

property payment management

Integration with popular payment gateways, including Credimax.

property staff managment

Task automation feature to automate repetitive tasks, such as rent collection, late fee assessment, etc.

property agreement managmenet

Streamlined move-in & move-out processes, including lease agreements, security deposit refunds.

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Complicated Manual Task Execution By You
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FAQs About RealSampatti Property Software

The RealSampatti is Cloud-Based software that eliminates the:

  • Managing paperwork and traditional manual activities
  • Lack of data security
  • Poor management of sales and CRM
  • Fill technology gap between property managers and tenants.

Yes, the RealSampatti property management ERP system includes the maintenance management to manage effortlessly day-to-day operations like calendar scheduling, rental, property inspection, property report, etc.

The RealSampatti provide the best rental & property management system software to handle everyday activities, such as maintaining and tracking tenant info, accounting and invoicing, maintenance, and buying & selling properties.

In order to keep track of property's financial state, property management for rental properties software also creates reports on activity such as monthly rent payments, revenue, and expenditures. 

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